Hello! I'm Tom

This site is a culmination of different events, times,
people and things in my life.


Photography has been one of my latest interests.   I've always taken a million photo's but it wasn't until recently that I've been trying to learn a little about technique and integrating some of my humble, novice Photoshop skills.   It will always be a learning experience.


Never mastering it but always wanting to do it, music, has always haunted me.   For your enjoyment are some of the song ideas, snippets, and lullabies throughout the years.   By listening to these, you might get a sense of who I was, who I am and some of the dreams I've had.


I've been playing with Daz3D lately.   What a lovely and free program.   I truly wanted to create something with this medium and what you see below are some of the renderings for a comic book idea I'm kicking around called "the Kingdom Guardians".

my work


Tom, fill this area

About Me

I'm a very shy person honestly but most people do not see that part of me.   I push myself to not be so closed off but it certainly takes a lot of energy and focus not to enter into my shell.   Only the people that I know or have met will ever view this page and that is the intent of this work.   If you are reading this, it means that you are someone that I have let into my inner circle or has helped push me to share something about myself.   (Pointing at you Christian, Jack, Mike, Rich, Loreal....)


If you would like to contact me for any reason.